How to Hire a Bogger

Gone are those days people need to have a knowledge of web design and understand some programming languages before owning a blog. Nowadays, even a novice in computing can easily manage and own a blog.

However, many people who are financially capable and desire to own a blog have not been able to acquire one due to some certain reasons.

These reasons might include: busy schedules, inexperience, need for assistance in postings and writing, and so on.

Hence, the need for you to know how to hire a blogger to your aid.

Getting a blogger is not a Herculean task as it seems, although, sometimes once might fall into the hands of incompetent bloggers. Here are four ways you can easily hire bloggers:

1. Freelance sites
2. Social media
3. Blogs
4. Personal Research

Freelance websites
Freelance websites are simply platforms that people showcase their skills to get a job, ranging from digital skills to technical ones. You will surely find the kind of bloggers you need on these sites, be it for your news blog or educational websites.

You can also request for recent works of bloggers, set your terms for the job, check out the profile of the applicants, and even recommendations before hiring a blogger.

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These sites include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, TaskRabbit and so on. Some of them cut across many works while others are specifically for certain jobs.

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Social Media

The social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Reddit, and Quora among others have turned out to be a good way of connecting with workers and get your jobs done.

In these platforms, you can join groups that discuss your niche and post your job there; different interested individuals will apply and you can determine the requirements to hire one of them.

The only bad news here is that you cannot rely on these people, since they are a lot of fraudsters on these platforms. Just ensure payments are made only when the job has been done in order not to fall a victim.

Apart from freelance sites where you can hire a blogger directly, you can also check out blogs which provide such services. When you find one online, just reach out to the admin through their “contact us” button and state your need. A reliable blogger would be directed to you instantly to work for you.

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Personal Research
You can speak to friends and do some findings to get a highly qualified blogger based on your financial status. You can also meet the blogger to be hired in person to discuss how to go about the job.

The cost of hiring a blogger depends solely on the kind of blog he is to work on and duration of the job. On average, hiring a good blogger should cost around 20 dollars to over 100 dollars per month which should be around N10,000 in Nigeria.

So, getting a blogger is quite easy if the right steps are taken. You should fix a payment date and deadline for your job and hire bloggers who have any evidence to back up their competency. What are you waiting for? Select a method and get your blog running now.

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