How to Hug

Exchanging pleasantries has been a vital part of human culture and a compulsory activity in our everyday life.

Different tribes have divergent ways of people greet each other, celebrate success, and comfort themselves during sorrowful occurrences.

One of the common ways humans have adapted to express their feelings is Hugging. From running to hug a long-time friend when you come in contact with hugging your beloved ones; hugging has become a major way of showing concern among people.

Hugging is simply a form of showing love, affection, happiness and greeting by putting your arms around the other person. At times, you might tighten the hug or lower your grip known as a “simple hug”. Other hugs include a bear hug, one side hug, back hug, and so on.

However, as easy as hugging people might seem; there are still some things you should understand before hugging and during the hug to avoid potential troubles such as a hot slap as a result of a bad hug.

Hugging people depends primarily on your relationship with them; there is quite a difference between a simple hug and an intimate; the duration and contact kept during a hug determine the king of hug it is. Here is an ultimate guide on how to hug a person properly:

  •  Watch your expression and thoughts
  •  Spread your arms
  • Lean forward to give the hug
  • Do the hugging
  • Tighten the hug a little
  •  Be time-conscious

1. Watch your expression and thoughts
Before hugging a person, be sure that you convey the right facial expression.

The look on your face should suit the setting the hug is to take place, whether a happy moment or a sorrowful moment.

Relief your mind from any bad thought once the person you want to hug is not your intimate partner.

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2. Spread your arms

To give people a prior notice of your intention to hug them, you should endeavour to spread your arms first.

This will prevent the occurrence of a snub and assures the other party you would not do the same. In some cases, you may need to quicken your steps or even run to hug the person.

3. Lean forward to give the hug

Hugging needs to be done calmly, you do not rush to hug a person to avoid any potential injury that might result from a collision if care is not taken.

Relax and lean a bit forward before hugging the person.

4. Do the hugging

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The way you hug a person depends on your relationship with them. For an average person, you should wrap your arms around their shoulders or a little at the back.

In the case of an intimate partner or crush, you can try to move your hands a little bit above the waist. Ensure you are not touching the buttock of the person you are hugging, not even by mistake.

5. Tighten the hug a little

Let your hug be fascinating by tightening your grip a bit. Do not squeeze the person you are hugging while doing this to avoid making them uncomfortable.

For lovers, the grip should be tighter than that of an average person.

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6. Be time-conscious

A normal hug should not be more than 5-10 seconds. The duration depends on how close you are to the person and their willingness to prolong the hug. You do not force people to continue hugging you when they want to go.
And that is it.

You can see that hugging is not a big deal as it seems. In a couple of seconds, you can use your romantic hug to win the heart of your crush or use your hug to radiate emotions and create a connection between you and your lover.

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A hug can mean a lifetime to someone. Do it today.


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