We all know that English language is a Lingua Franca. Hence, it’s really important to understand it.
So if you’re keen on improving your English, here are some simple things you can do.

To improve in English, you’ll need to achieve all four language skills, which are:
1. Listening
2. Speaking
3. Reading
4. Writing

1. Listening: This plays an important role in learning any language, because when you listen, you get familiar.
You can improve your listening skills by paying attention to not only what is said, but also how it is said.
You can also do so by listening to the lyrics of music.
By watching TV shows, movies, news or even listening to the radio.
By attending plays or talks in English.

2. Speaking: If you can speak a little English, there are lots of ways you can improve quickly and become a pro in no time.
Here are ways to improve your speaking skills:
Talk and record yourself.
Talk to yourself using the mirror.
Join voiced chats.
Talk to your classmates, friends and family members in English.

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3. Reading: Reading is a process, and the brain takes its time to develop. If you develop a strong reading skill, it’ll be very helpful in improving your English.
You can read several books in English, textbooks, novels, etc
And you can also find English articles on the web and read them.

4. Writing: Anyone can get used to writing with a little discipline and willingness to learn.
Write down words or expressions you think is useful with their meanings and examples.
Write down new words and check their meanings.
Write comments in English blogs.

To achieve these four basic language skills, you need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and surround yourself with English. Make English a part of your home, a part of your work, and a part of your life, and watch your English take a turn for the better.

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