Do you which to grow in height more than you’re currently. You feel like your friends have suddenly hit a growth spurt and you’re lagging seriously behind. Maybe the rest of your family is really tall and you’re wondering if you can do anything to catch up. Or you are just tired of your current height and wants to be tall.

The truth is that a person’s height is mostly determined by things out of their control, such as genes(family hereditary).

The main factor that influences a person’s height is their genetic makeup. However, many other factors can influence height during development, including nutrition, hormones,and medical conditions.

Scientists believe that genetic makeup, or DNA, is responsible for about 80% of a person’s height. What this means is that If one’s parents is short, there’s high chance of being short in height too. Likewise if they are tall, there’s high possibility you will be tall.

Growth and development of children usually continues until at least 18 years of age. Before then, a range of environmental factors can affect how tall they become. Yes, Your environment might determines your growth.

Now, the answer you want to hear. Is it possible to increase in height? Yes, its possible. These are few steps you can take to increase your height.

1. Eat balance diets

Its well-known and accepted that good food nourishes the body but in your own case, eat more of protein such as beans, nuts etc.
Research shows that protein is essential for bone health and can benefit the bone density of the spine.

2. Do Regular Exercise(Stretching exercise)

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3. Get Adequate Sleep

4. Improve your Posture.

Whether or not you’re looking to become taller, maintaining these habits is advisable as its incredibly good for your health.

The big question now is, Can adults increase their heights?

Once a person has been through puberty, the growth plates stops making new bone and fuse together. This means, the person’s growth stops and won’t be able to increase in height henceforth.

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However, Making sure you practice good Posture and keeping core muscles strong can make you stand straighter and taller.

We hope this guide helps in answering your question.

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