kissing is the most important part of any intimate moment, there are so many different types of kisses and kissing positions you can try out.

To satisfy your desire to know how to kiss, we’ve put together this article.

Nobody becomes the best kisser on the first day, especially when the tension is high at the moment.
If you are going to kiss without regrets, you need to put the following in place:

Keep your breath fresh : you can imagine how you would feel if she was the one with the bad breath, you wouldn’t even want to kiss her. Same goes with you, keep your breath fresh if you don’t want her to decline

Make sure the setting is Good: if you are kissing a lady for the first time, it’s best when the setting is good. You can’t stop a lady on the street and ask her to kiss you, it has to be in a setting where she feels safe.

Don’t put the lady in an Awkward situation:

You don’t expect her to kiss you when you don’t flow with the spirit. Don’t attempt to kiss unless it’s the perfect time, you will know the perfect time.

How to Kiss.

This has got so much to do with the type of kiss in question. There are several types of kiss, but in this case, We will focus on French kiss.

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What’s French kiss?

This is an open-mouth kiss with tongue, there’s almost no other kiss that connects two people more. But keep it for the bedroom, It’s probably not appropriate when you are at a funeral or public functions.

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Step by step guide on how to french-kiss

1. Start with a normal kiss
Remember you have to start small and gradually grow big.

2. Don’t look into her eyes
This could put her in an Awkward situation, sometimes can make her lose interest

3. Move in at an angle
Nobody kisses straight, else the nose collide. You have to do it an angle to make it easy.

4. Add some tongue
This is when you knock the door with the tongue, slowly you introduce the tongue.

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5. Explore a little
Explore with the tongue, play around her tongue.

6. Do it in style
This is where you need to improvise. If done well, she will always want more.

This is simple but mind blowing, go give her a memory to always remember.

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