This post is mainly written for educational purposes alone, we don’t intend to promote immoralities or support its abuse.

Introduction to Kubool

Kubool is an interactive Dare Game by Kubool Web, where you can compliment and get complimented by your friends, family and the closed ones keeping the privacy of the users safe.

Here is everything that you need to know! Continue reading.

Kubool is an interactive messaging app that lets you send messages to anyone without revealing your identity.

When you want to say something without the person knowing who you are, this social app can help.

With a name derived from an Arabic word that means acceptance or acknowledgment, Kubool aims to promote free communication.

Once you have created your profile link, you can send messages to anyone—provided, of course, that you have their profile links. Of course, your friends should have your username for them to send you a message.

But there will be some points that you will want to know the person that sent a particular message to you, can you really know the person? Yes! It is possible, but can not be easily achieved.

How To Know The Person That Sent You Anonymous Message

If you want to know the person that sent you anonymous messages, kindly follow this.

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Whenever someone drop a message for you anonymously through your profile, the website records the person’s IP Address and if you can get the IP Address, you can contact Internet service providers for help in tracking the person down.

This is how!

You will receive many messages, and each IP address of the sender will be saved on the website, if you’re looking for a sender X who sent you a particular message, you will have to check the database, check the IP addresses that sent you messages and compare the messages sent with the one you want to know the sender, the IP address that matches with the message you’re having is the IP address of the sender of the message.

With the above IP Address gotten, you only need to contact the right authority to track the IP address and get the person.

Lemme tell you a blunt truth.

Probability of getting the person that sent you an anonymous message is 1%, in fact it is virtually impossible, you know why?

How would you get the IP address of those that sent the messages to you?

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The only way to do this is by hacking into the database of the website, people have been trying and nobody has ever succeeded in hacking the website, without getting access to the website database, forget it… It isn’t possible to know the sender of the message.

There is actually a solution.

If the message you need to know the sender is a threat to rape you or kill you or something that has to do with your life, you could reach out to law enforcement agencies and they can do the tracking for you, how?

Kubool gives the right authorities access to their database, according to the information on this page

Law Enforcement Agencies can request for the data on your account from Kubool, the data includes the IP addresses of those that sent messages to you and you can use it to access the IP address of the sender.

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Without the involvement of the security personnels, you won’t be able to know the sender, again… It requires lots of work and effort.

If the message is mainly insults, defamation of character and all, I won’t advise you to contact them, but if it has to do with your life and if your life is being threatened, kindly reach out to any law enforcement agency and let them request for the IP addresses through here

Kindly share this across to those who might need it and drop your comments too, have a nice day.

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