English Language is one if not the only dominating language in the present time, any one who cannot speak English in the community is presumed to be a minority.
Since the Colonization of Nigeria by the British, English Language has been Nigeria’s official language.
It’s used in the communication of business transactions, lectures in Schools, meetings and every other official gathering.
This makes it necessary to learn this language, since then Nigerians has been enrolling in classes in which they can learn to write and speak English Language fluently.
Then the competition between English Language speakers  and the criticism  of the Ignorants of this language began.
Even in schools, the Student that can fluently speak English Language is considered the most brilliant in the class. As the Competition grows by the day, not learning English Language might be the only thing you are doing wrong.

Who can Learn English Language

There is no age limit for learning anything let alone English Language, an average human being should learn everyday.
The thought of being too old to learn is why some people never got to learn things that if they had given another thought and Learned would have changed their lives for better.
Furthermore, some never learned because they didn’t get an the opportunity to go to school.
With the technology advancement in this age, you can easily learn English language  online and be able to fluently speak anywhere. Knowing something happens with the passion to learn the thing.

How to Learn English Language

Enrolling in a Class : This is hard to do if you are one of the people that attributes learning with age brackets. If you aren’t like this, taking an English class will help you to know the language inside out.
Focus, listen in class, ask questions and do assignments. If you do these for the duration of the class, you will gain everything you are supposed to gain in the class and thus be able to speak it anywhere.
Learn online : The availability of numerous platforms that teaches languages has made it easy to learn English Language online. Simply enrol by completing your registration on the page and follow the schedules as prepared on the platform.
Some requires that you pay a registration fee and some doesn’t. Below are some websites on which you can learn English language :
After reading this post, the  reason you don’t know English language shouldn’t be because there is no place to learn, you might need to check yourself well and see where the problem lies.


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