If you are reading this post, then you want to know how to read faster and assimilate for exams.

Quick notice:students who sit in the front tends to have higher scores.

As a student, you have so many schedules that you’d prefer to learn smarter than to learn hard.

To do that, practice the following;

1. Learn in different ways:

For instance if as a science student, you have biology exam tomorrow.here’s the plan, read your class notes, watch videos, search online for resources etc.

if you use different methods to learn, then assimilation will be quicker.

2. Don’t cram :

Try to understand and meditate on what you’ve read as this approach shift information from short-term memory to long-term memory in your brain

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3. Make use of mnemonic when reading:

for instance, if you can want to learn the first 21-25 elements of the periodic table.

Here is a coding for it; Scent Vanadium Carry My Iron Which means Scandium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron...

4. Visualize what you read :

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As you prepare for exam, try to draw diagram of what you learned so far.

it makes it easier to remember and learn faster for exam.

5. Be an active learner :

Always pay attention in class, this helps you to remember faster when exam knock in.


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While in class, take note when Teachers give hints like “The important part of this topic is”, or she they make emphasis on a keyword.

Get rid of distraction by reading in a quiet place, also don’t make the mistake of stay awake All night prior to your exam as this is not a healthy reading habit.

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