Studying means devoting time and attention to gaining knowledge of (an academic subject), especially by means of books.

It’s the effort to acquire knowledge, as by reading, observation, or research.

It is also an act or effort made in the pursuit of knowledge.

Studying is considered essential for students, to be able to come out with good grades and in flying colors.

It is a known fact that most students do not like or enjoy studying. But there are ways to like studying.

Here’s how to like studying:

1. Pick a quiet area that will help you stay focused: It is usually best to study in a place that is relatively quiet so that you can focus. There are many great places where you can study, both at home and in public.

2. Use colorful study materials: Adding color to the studying process will make it more fun and activate the creative part of your brain, which will help you retain things better.

3. Play background music while you study: Even though this doesn’t work for everybody, playing music at a moderate volume will help make studying fun.

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4. Watch educational videos: Video can be an effective learning tool because it engages students and enhances understanding, as reading from notes or textbooks can be boring at times.

5. Find study partners with similar habits: Look for a potential study partner who likes to study around the same time of day as you do and who uses similar methods of learning.

6. Start a study group: Assemble a group of study partners that share a common goal with you.
Studying with a group of people is a great way to tackle subjects that you don’t understand or simply don’t enjoy studying.

7. Schedule regular breaks during study time: Breaks will reduce your stress levels and help you retain what you’ve studied.

8. Take a short walk during breaks to prevent sleepiness: To avoid feeling sleepy while studying, take walks at intervals.

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9. Set larger achievement rewards: For instance, for every week you study well, treat yourself to an outing on weekends, to an eatery or to a cinema.

Do you like or enjoy studying? How did you come to like it? Share with us using the comment section.

I also hope that you found this article useful, and I hope that you begin to like and enjoy studying.

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