The iPhone is a line of touchscreen-based smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that use Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

It is necessary to have your iPhones locked, especially when you have younger siblings who are ready to take over your phone the slightest chance they get, or a sneaky friend who just likes to check your phone.

It’s also an easy way to protect your data and information.

If you don’t have a passcode enabled on your phone, you’re missing out on a virtually impenetrable way to prevent strangers from accessing your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

Here’s how to lock your iPhone using a passcode:

1. Start the settings app.

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2. Depending upon which model iPhone you have, tap ‘Face ID & Passcode’ (for iPhone X or later), ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ (for iPhones 5s and later) or ‘Passcode’ (for the iPhone 5 or older).

3. Tap ‘Turn Passcode On’.

4. Enter a six-digit passcode that you’ll enter whenever you want to unlock your phone.

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If you don’t want to use the default 6-digit number, first tap “Passcode Options” and choose the kind of passcode you want to use: an alphanumeric password, a 4-digit number, or a custom number.

5. Confirm the passcode by entering it a second time on the verification screen.

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6. Your iPhone may ask you to enter your Apple ID password. This allows you to use your new passcode instead of the Apple ID password for some tasks.

Your phone now has a passcode assigned to it, which means when it turns off automatically after a couple of minutes, or when you turn it off immediately with the Power button, it will be locked and require a passcode to wake.

Do you feel like it’s necessary to lock your iPhones? Do you lock your iPhones? Share with us your thoughts via the comment section.

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