Carrot oil is now popularly used as ingredients in shampoos and body lotions. It can be made at home by warming grated carrots with oil.

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Oils like Semame Oil, Olive Oil or Coconut Oil in a slow cooker, sieving the solids from the oil and keeping the Oil in the refrigerator till it’s ready for use


  • It can be used to make mature and dry skin smooth.
  • It helps to improve the skin colour
  • It cleanses the skin, nourishes it and restore its youthfulness
  • It helps lighten dark spots and helps to heal scars
  • Effective for skin diseases like Eczema, Boils, Itching, and Vitiligo
  • It also tones the skin and removes wrinkles


  1. Carrots (2 or more)
  2. Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil or Coconut Oil.

In this lesson, we shall make use of Coconut Oil.


Step 1: Peel and Grate the Carrot:

Wash your carrots thoroughly. Use a knife or better still a vegetable peeler to remove the skin. After peeling the carrots, grate them using a box grater(narrow side)

Step 2: Put the shred carrots in a slow cooker adding your coconut oil:

Take out a small cooker. Transfer the grated coconuts into it and pour enough coconut oil inside it such that it will cover the carrot. You can use other neutral oils like Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil

Step 3: Heat the mixture on low:

After putting the mixture on a slow cooker, turn it to lowest. Use infusion method to infuse the carrot for 24-72 hours. The colour of the oil will turn orange in this process.

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Step 4: Seive the mixture with a doubled cheesecloth or sieve with very tiny holes:

Turn off the cooker, use a sieve with a tiny hole. Pour the oil and carrot through the sieve slowly and strain out the carrot particles

Step 5: Store the infused Oil:

You can now pour your oil into a glass jar or a small tight fitting container. The oil can be refrigerated or store for 7 months or more


  • It isn’t available for a person with Oily skin as it makes it prone to Acne because it increases the production of sebum.
  • It is a natural lightening oil as it doesn’t have any adverse effect like dark knuckles and it can be used by dark or light persons.
  • It doesn’t bleach the skin.

You’ve successfully made your Carrot Oil At Home, you can package it for selling or make use of it yourself, if you have any questions, drop them below.

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