Most of us love the aroma of roses, you will learn how to make your own rose oil in this post.

With the popularity of aromatherapy, scented oils have made a comeback but they can also be quite pricey.

Making rose oil yourself cuts the costs while giving the same aroma therapeutic benefits.

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  1. It helps in relieving stress
  2. It helps in improving sleep quality in people especially those hospitalized in coronary care units
  3. It helps in alleviating anxiety
  4. It is beneficial to women undergoing menopause
  5. It helps in acne treatment
  6. It helps in clearing pimples
  7. It helps in preventing skin irritation
  8. It helps in clearing scars


Note: Do not combine all these items. Extract them separately.

  • Get fresh Rose flower petals and crush them.
  • Get any virgin carrier oil (Virgin Olive oil). Pour some amount of virgin olive oil into a dark bottle with a tight cover lid.
  • Add the Rose flower petals into the virgin olive oil inside the dark bottle in a proportion that any of these petals makes halve of the virgin olive oil or as much as you want the rose flower ingredients to be more concentrated, just make sure the crushed rose flower petals is not much than the olive oil.
  • Pour some water into a pressure-pot and allow the water to boil for some 10-15 minutes to produce pressurised steam. Remove the pressure pot from heat, then carefully open the lid of the pressure pot (do this when some of the steam as escaped so as not to explode the steam, but make sure the water does not cool off completely).
  • Then take the dark bottle that contains the virgin olive oil and the crush rose flower petals covered with a tight lid and put it inside the pressure-pot with the boiled water in a manner that the water level is not up to halve of the dark bottle so the water does not get into the bottle even though the bottle is covered with lids and make sure the bottle sits upright.
  • Cover the pressure-pot and put it back on fire for about another 5-7 minutes to reproduce the pressurised steam. Immediately the steam is produced, remove the pressure pot from heat and leave it to cool off completely without opening the cover (You might leave it to cool off for a whole day)
  • After the pressure pot cools off completely (this may take several hours), you can now open the cover and bring out the dark bottle that contains the virgin olive oil with the petals.
  • Filter out the oil with a cheese cloth or laboratory filter-paper till you get the last drop of oil

You can package it for reselling or make use of it at home.

If you have any question, please drop them below, don’t forget to share to your friends too.

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