What’s the Bachelor of copywriting all about?

This idea actually came after I realised the wonders copywriting has done in my life.

I studied microbiology for 4 years in the University of Uyo

Graduated with a 2’1

Spent over a million naira in the course of my Four years in school fees, feeding, accommodation, materials, transport..

After that, nothing to show for it.

The only money I’ve made from Microbiology is the one ITF paid me for doing industrial training

Even that one was just N15,000

2016 I discovered copywriting and put my head into it.

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From September 2019, I don’t think I’ve done below a million monthly.
All thanks to copywriting.

The number 1 skill that has created more “online millionaires” than any other is copywriting.

Most people are PASSIVE copywriters

They write ads, write sales letters, write product descriptions, send emails, sell to their friends..


You can play monkey post and be better than Messi but you will NEVER win the world best there.

Same way, until you CONSCIOUSLY and ACTIVELY learn copywriting, you will be selling like an amateur

There are systems..

There are formulas..

Just this past weekend, I did close another N250k in sales from a class.

I used a working System.

So in the Bachelor of copywriting course, you will learn the exact system I use in making millions online monthly.

  • You will get materials worth N370,000
  • The top 10 students will gain automatic employment to work with me.
  • You will get a certificate at the end of the course.
  • Access to my library worth N800k+
  • Access to all my e-books.

My e-books.

  1. Copywriting 101
  2. Why You Are Broke
  3. Whatsapp Income Mastery
  4. E-book Creation Mastery
  5. Premium Articles of 2019
  6. Organic Traffic Generation

Everything for you!!!!

There will be four faculties.

  • Faculty of Offer
  • Faculty of Writing
  • Faculty of Ads
  • Faculty of Applied Copywriting

It will be so corrosive you will call your VC and ask for your money back for the time you spent in the University 😅

This course as you know is pegged at N20,000

If I charge N50,000 it will still be a steal for you.

Will you exchange N50,000 for millions monthly??.. Who wouldn’t??

Because I already made a promise that if I get 100 interested persons I will crash the fee, I have further crashed the fee to just N5,000.

Is there a guarantee?

I’ve been doing this 4 years now. I’ve coached over 10,000 people in over 6 countries. I don’t tell you this to brag. I say this because, frankly, my reputation is on the line.

If I don’t deliver the results I promised, my reputation would go down the trash..

I want to be known and respected as the Prince of Copywriting.

So, if you follow the instructions and principles I teach and you don’t make 10X your money back, meet me for a refund after the class.

I will give you back all your money and add a written apology. I will also drop the name Prince of Copywriting

I will go back and get a job in a lab and be probably known as the Prince of Microbes AKA Corona Master 😅😅😅

Please note: Only those who make payment today will get access to my free library worth N800k+

Only fast action takers will collect my library.

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I don’t want people who will be thinking if I should pay or not. 🙄

You are either IN or OUT.

It’s either HELL YES or HELL NO

If you are in the middle, you are in HELL 😅😅

So, in the name of Jesus the author and giver of this great idea, I declare payments open!!

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Fee again is N5,000

Class starts 7th of December.

Make payment below.

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