In marketing, a product can be define as an object or substances refined for sale or that is made available for consumer use or anything that can be made available to the market to satisfy the desire or want of the consumer of such product.

A product can be service or item, it can also be in physical, virtual form.

Types of products

These includes:
1.Specialty products such as fancy food, exotic perfumes, men’s suit e.t.c.

2.Convenience product such as bread, soft drinks, coffee e.t.c.

3.Industrial products such as power generator, battery, timber e.t.c.

4.Consumer products such as clothing, food, jewelry e.t.c.

5.Shopping products such as Computers, cameras, mobile phone e.t.c.

6.Augumented products such as free delivery, In-home installation of a service.

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7.Differentiated products such as faster high speed internet service.

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A product can be classified as tangible or intangible.
A tangible product can be perceived by touch as building, gadject and vehicle. Services or ideas are intangible products.

Product marketing is the process of promoting and selling of a product to a customer, it serves as the intermediary function between product development and increasing product awareness.
Product marketing is the strategic marketing at the product or product line level.

How to attract customers for your products online

1.Become findable online
2.Improve your online presence
3.Build an online media center
4.Get active across social media
5.Develop a content sharing program
6.Stake an online home base
7.Perfect your online introduction
8.Create a single domain name and social identity

How to market a product

1.Understand your audience
2.Know your product
3.Create a plan
4.Learn what is working
5.Ensure you promote your product
6.Always be prepared to educate your potential customers on your product

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How to market product online

1.Gift Guides
2.Affiliate programs
3.Email marketing
4.Facebook custom Audiences
5.Optimize your website for searchengines
6.Use the power of social media
7.List your products in business directories

When you want to market your product online; become a known expert, be yourself, tap into your network, prove that your products are better than those offered by competitors, generate more reviews and create a refferal program

Before reading this article, how have you been marketing your product online?
Share your ideas in the comment box

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