It’s hard to get by in life and be truly happy when you have to worry about your basic needs. Money problems are one of the most common reasons for couples to divorce. It’s understandable that someone would want to eliminate the problem from their life and relationship by marrying into money. But how exactly do you do it? If you want to marry into the good life, there are things you have to equip yourself with to get started with a Millionaire if you actually wants to last long together.

  • Become Desirable

What qualities set you apart to other girls that can make a Man as much as a millionaire wants you. Hope you’re not the girl who spends all day shopping or sitting by the pool or a girl who stays idle all day pressing phone. You don’t want a millionaire to want you only because you fulfill a specific picture, because that makes you very easy to replace in the long run. It doesn’t set you apart.

It’s easy to find plenty of girls who fit that image. It’s hard to find one that excites him and can match him in the things he enjoys or wants for his life.

Another part of the cliché, of course, is that you only love him for his money. It’s fine to want a guy that can provide for your needs, but when you choose a guy that can provide for you, its important you also love him and have a deep connection with him. He doesn’t want an obvious gold digger, because he knows that will just cause his peers to judge and pity him. He wants to feel loved anyways

  • Respect yourself

Most men, rich guys included, want a woman who respects herself. Why should he like you if you don’t act like you think you’re likable? Show him you’re worth it by taking care of your body and appearance (eat healthy, exercise, dress for success, and practice good hygiene).
Get educated

Usually, rich men don’t want a total bimbo They’re usually pretty smart themselves, and they want someone that can keep up with them. It’s more interesting for them! Study hard in school and stay interested in learning even after you’re out of school. Go to college if you can, and if you can’t, attend free online courses from services like Coursera and keep up with latest informations online, business talk and interesting topics you can discuss together.

  • Get cultured.

Rich guys usually partake in at least some cultural events and you need to be able to enjoy and fit in with that environment. Have a developed interest in music, art, literature, and film. Understand and explore foreign cultures, history, and politics too (since rich guys are often world travelers).
• Do things with your life. No one wants to be with someone who’s completely shallow, just an empty shell that never does anything.

That’s boring! Get out there and do things with your life. Have hobbies and dreams for the future (that you actively pursue, don’t just sit around thinking about how much you’d like to be the next big star). This will add complexity to your character and make you seem like a fuller person.

  • Be passionate.

Be a passionate lover but also be passionate in how you live your life. When we’re with someone that’s really enjoying their life and pursues what they love, that inspires us to do the same.

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This is why passion is so sexy! Pursue your interests. If you’ve always wanted to do something, do it. Once you find your millionaire, they’ll be very impressed.

When you have all this, its clear you’ve separated yourself from random girls and you’re bound to hold your lover for life. Let’s talk on how to catch him early.

Frequent the bars and cafes around major medical and tech universities.

This will help you meet guys that are well on their way to being doctors and IT overlords. If you meet him when he is still young, he’ll be more likely to be single and less worried that a woman is after him for his money. You’ll have to deal with the intense schedule of a grad student, but that’s just a mark in your favor. You’ll show him that you’re with him through thick and thin.

Frequent their hangouts.

Generally go to places where rich men are likely to be. Skip the cliché of the country club in favor of lunch at cafes and restaurants around major business districts. Try bars in upscale areas at night.

Go to auction houses.

Rich people usually develop expensive hobbies and collecting rare stuff is one of those hobbies. Rich guys will often collect vintage cars, vintage toys, comic books, or old signs.

Develop your interest in and knowledge of these things and then check out upscale auction houses when these items are on the block.

Go to charity events.

Charity events are also commonly attended by the wealthy. Don’t go in unprepared though. Learn about the issue that the event is for and the work that the organization does. When you go, be prepared to talk to people you don’t know. Even making friends in the right places can help you meet someone worth marrying.

You don’t have to donate to the charity you’re attending the event for but donating something is probably a good idea.

Putting on such events is expensive and these organizations rely on getting donations to make it worth it.

Work in the right places.

Did you know that about 22% of married couples met their spouse through work? Get a job at a major tech company or other very profitable, stable company and see who you meet!

Make rich friends.

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You can use many of these tactics to just make friends who are wealthy. Eventually, through them, you may meet your elusive future spouse. If you become very good friends, you can even ask them to set you up! This is a good route to take, because you will be less likely to come across as just another gold digger.

Use Online Platforms designed for this purpose.

There are lots of dating services, both online and in real life, that are specifically geared towards helping you meet a rich partner. Pick a reputable one and see where it leads. These services still focus on matching people for compatibility, so remember to do those earlier steps about working on yourself as a person.

So, when you eventually land your desired Man, don’t forget all these in your relationship;

  1. Show them you’re not in it for the money.
  2. Create an environment of trust.
  3. Bring fun into their life
  4. Love them hard and faithfully.

However, you should rule out that you cannot make the money on your own. What makes you think you can’t be a Millionaire yourself that you’re looking for a Millionaire husband. You can make your money and create a comfortable life for yourself.

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  • Stay in school, learn skills that can fetch you money constantly and understand what new fields are opening up.
  • Invest money and be saving
  • Be open to opportunities and take risks.

The rich you desired so much today also took risk before getting there, unless those with Illegitimate source of income, even its a risk itself.

Anyways, after finally landing your dream man, do remember me.

Smiles. Do Enjoy the rest of your day.

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