This is for you if you are an introvert, meeting people online can be scary at first however it’s fun meeting new friends.

Take note of the following if you want to meet people:

  • keep things casual and start communicating.
    Since it is virtual, you don’t to feel pressured conversing over the phone or PC
  • Schedule a video chat
    We are in tech era hence you shouldn’t just chat, create a virtual date whereby you get to connect deeper.
  • What you see might not exactly be what it is real life
    Don’t be surprise when your new friend look different from their picture hence don’t pick offence if it’s just a slight one.

Apps for Meeting People online

Since you are ready to meet new people, you can download the following apps for free, sign up and start chatting! All are available on playstore

1. MeetMe:

It allows you to chat and make friends with new people

2. SKout:

It also allows you to find friends and meet new people.

3. SayHi chat:

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This is an online dating App to meet singles you can date

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4. We3:

This app allows you to meet people in your area

5. Sparkle:

This is an online dating App

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6. Yubo:

You make friends, play games and catch fun

As these are virtual platforms, you need to be careful to avoid been scammed, betrayed or played. Thanks for reading…

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