LinkedIn is an online platform for professional,you sign up and create a profile to join the community. It is worthy of note to update your LinkedIn with a greater accomplishment at least once every 6 months as it boost your chances of getting employed or hired.

Usefulness of LinkedIn

1. Demonstration of your knowledge
2. It is a job seeking platform
3. LinkedIn helps to build and promote your brand
4. It helps you get ranked better on google
5. LinkedIn bring you closer to people.


How To Mention Someone On Reddit

How To Mention Companies on LinkedIn

1. Go to your LinkedIn homepage, click to post or comment on someone’s acct

2. Type “@” and follow it up by typing name of companies you’d like to tag

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3. A list of companies will appear, ignore the rest and select the one you want to mention.

It’s much easier to mention a company on LinkedIn if you follow the procedures listed above.

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