We all experience stress one way or  the other either in school or at place of work, even at home.
Too much stress is not good for the body as it may cause fatigue, body weakness, sluggishness and make one to  even look dull.
In college, students go through a lot of stress due to various factor. Many aspects of college life is stressful and it can affect the students physical and mental health.

Tips to minimizing stress at college

  If you are a student in college facing a lot of stress, here are five tips to minimize the stress.
They include;
1. Try not to overload yourself : There is no need to overload yourself. When you noticed you can’t cope or handle other activities with studies, just try and drop some activities.
This is because too much work can affect your academic and can cause increase in stress. Avoid being overloaded to minimize your stress.
2. Having enough rest : Normally, we are to sleep at least 6-8 hours per day. But due to studies, various activities and ability to get to class early, the time frame for sleeping has been disrupted.
 When there is insufficient sleep, the stress level in the body can increase. Try to create time to relax and rest for a while to reduce the stress.
3. Exercise : Exercise can help to minimize the stress level when you are stressed.
Use at least 30mins to 1hr to engage yourself in some exercise like swimming, jogging early morning.
Yoga is also good, even walking around can minimize stress.
4. Emotional support : College life might be difficult to handle and the stress might be much.
In order to minimize the stress, you need someone to talk to when stressed like a guardian, trusted friend or family friend.
 At least someone that can give you advice not to put  blame or being judgemental about you.
Talking to people you trust, people that will boast your moral and give you supportive advice can help to minimize your stress.
5. Eat well : Food is very important because you get energy from it and it will minimize your stress.
When the energy level of the body decrease, the stress level increases and you end up getting tired.
Eat good food not junks or drinks to satiate your hunger.
  The  above tips can help you in minimizing stress and also try not overburden yourself with a lot of thinking  as it  affects the brain and can increase stress.


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