Concrete is a mixture of cement, water coats with fine & coarse aggregates or rock.

Uses of concrete

Concrete is the most used of artificial material on used for construction of buildings, roads and dams, it also used in making pipes & drains.

Components used in making concrete

These include:
  • Cement
  • Aggregates
  • Ad mixtures
  • Water

The tensile strength of concrete is low compared to other binding substance however its advantage lies in the fact that it loses water easily due to the soluble salts contain therein.

What’s the difference between concrete and cement

Cement is one of the ingredient of concrete, other including sand, gravel or crushed stone.
Also, concrete is stronger than cement
Types of concrete include:
  • Modern concrete
  • High Performance Concrete (HPC)
  • Stamped concrete
  • Shotcrete
  • Limecrete


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How To Mix Concrete

To start with, the standard ratio for mixing concrete is adding 1part cement to 2parts of sand to 4parts of aggregate.
Here’s how to go about it
1. Buy the right amounts of cement, sand & stone
2.wear protective equipment such as dust mask, safety glasses & Overall
3. Get your tools in place
4. Using spade pour all your mixture into the wheelbarrow head pan ensuring they are in the standard ratio
5. Ensure you mix all the ingredient together until you, it is even & uniform
6. Dig a small crater at the centre of the mixture and a small amount of water.
7. Ensure the water is enough as dry mixture isn’t enough.
Make sure everything are in place and then the mixture is ready for use. Thanks for reading….


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