• Before you start thinking of moving across a country, hope you’ve evaluated your cost and plan how you are going to do it?

According to Pete chiarkas an agent who helps people move, you need to work with the best Realtor as they will know the best people to use for the job.

The cost of moving depends on the following factors:

  • The weight of your belongings
  • Distance from the old location to the new place.
  • The duration of moving.

So what do you do with your belongings
You don’t have to move all your belongings, in fact most aren’t worthy of moving at all.
Why? This is because the cost of moving outweighs the cost of getting new one.

Hence, Give those couch out to friends.if expensive, sell them off
give the rest out for donation and charity.

Another thing is that you should get a comfortable home, working place all figured out before moving across the country so as not to be disorganized and homeless.

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In conclusion, follow these five tips if you are planning to move across the country anytime from now:

1.choose a good time for moving
2.sell your stuffs
3.rent a portable container
4.ship the rest of belongings you wish to keep
5. Lastly rent a truck.

Wishing you a safe journey and the best as you move to your new place.

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