Moving might be difficult especially when you don’t know much about where you are going, you can check out How To Move Across The Country from our previous posts.

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Canada is a country with ten provinces and three territories located in the northern part of North America with its capital has Ottawa and largest city been Toronto.

How’s the climate in Canada?

Summers at warm and moist and rain falls averagely 7 days in a month each year

How To move to Canada

Immigration to Canada depends on the purpose and what you plan to do there

Here are some options people opt-in for when going to Canada
1. Economic & Business Immigration
2. Family sponsorship
3. Humanitarian & refugee immigration

How much do you need to move to Canada?

Depending on the immigration option,some programs might not require anything than the processing fee while others require more.

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What is the fastest way to move to Canada?

The fastest way is express entry which the application is ready within six months.

You need to consider what you are moving down to do in Canada to calculate expenses and cost. Hope this was helpful?

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