Internet can be described as a global network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected network using standardized communication protocols.

Through internet, people can share information and communicate from anyone with an internet connection.

It provides different online services, some examples includes;

1.Web:A collection of billions of webpages that you can view with a web browser.

2.Email:This is the most common method of sending and receiving messages online.

A few of the major uses of internet includes e-commerce, e-learning, knowledge sharing, social connectivity, variety of media, file transfer and communication.

The information on the internet is stored on the hard drives of web servers all over the world.

The best type of internet is the fibre-optic internet service delivers the fastest and most reliable internet connection, with download speeds and upload speeds that can reach up to 1 gigabit per seconds.

Internet stands for interconnected network i.e a network system that connects millions of web servers.

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Internet Abuses



3.Malware including computer viruses.

4.Spamming, sending unwanted advertising.

The internet operates without a central governing body with each constituent network setting and enforcing its own policies.

Types of internet

1.Dial-up internet.

2.Digital subscriber line internet.

3.Satellite internet.

4.Fibre-optic internet.

The internet emerged in the united states in the 1970s but did not become visible to the general public untill the early 1990s. By 2020, appoximately 4.5 billion people or more than half of the world’s population were estimated to have access to the internet.

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Internet navigation is the process of navigating a network of information resources in the world wide web which is organized as hypertext or hypermedia.

Types of bars used to navigate the internet

1.Menu bar
2.Tool bar
3.location bar
4.Status bar
5.Scroll bar

How to navigate the internet

1.Learn basic terms like browser, website, webpage, search engine or URL.

2.Search efficiently;Make use of google, bing, yahoo as your search engine.

3.Stay away from fake or fraudulent sites.

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4.Bookmark the sites you will like to go again.

The software used to access and navigate the internet is a browser. Netscape and internet explorer are currently the leading “Graphical browsers” in the world.

Which of the steps in navigating internet are you familiar with?
Share your ideas in the comment box.

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