We negotiate every day especially when making a purchase or asking for increment in your pay.

Often times, we aren’t aware of this process but unconsciously we’ve done so at one point in our lives.

There are two types of negotiation according to experts:

1. Distributive Negotiation:
This is the type whereby you give out limited value for only small proportion of people to get.

Most time, we make use of distributive negotiation when we encounter people with whom we don’t share relationship.

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2. Integrative Negotiation:
This is the type of negotiation whereby No one is a loser i.e. value are shared amongst everyone in the circus.this is usually suitable for long term relationship.

Why are you afraid of negotiating?
Often times, you are afraid of negotiating because:

  • You are afraid of missing out an opportunity
  • Not wanting to be ridiculed
  • Not having enough knowledge about what you are bargaining for.

So how do you negotiate anything
1. Be bold to ask for what you want

2. Know what the other person want

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3. Show you have enough knowledge about what you need

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4. Point out what you both stand to gain

5. Awareness of your market value.

So next time you want to negotiate,do it well!

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