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The Third eye signifies the inner eye. The eye of insight and intuition. Of great mystic power, a portal to the everpresent unseen

The 6th of the 7 chakras in the human body can be opened firstly, through the simple act of Meditation. As seen in the book by Lobsang Rampa; the third eye. Where he was subjected to Tibetan spiritual & herbal treatment to aid the sharpening of this third eye.

Meditation is the quieting of the mind. Away from the random thoughts that come and go uncontrollably all day. This sounds simple but requires ample willpower to adhere to.

Down the line, it takes steps to it. But short to practice and easy to remember. The sole aim is to release the control over the body in total relaxation. A state where nothing is but silence.

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It starts by sitting(spine straight) or laying comfortably face up. Relax the tension starting from the feet by intentionally letting go of the feet. Keeping at a relaxed way. This same process goes for the ankles, knee, thigh, and up to the head. Hands and chest not excluded.

After you feel in a relaxed state, switch to focusing on your breath only. In and out, feel the air. Concentrate on the feeling of breathing. Thoughts are bound to come but the act of perceiving and returning to meditation is idea of it all. This creates a state of awareness, synonymous to the opening of the third eye.

The third eye is opened when you have

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