A guitar is a musical instrument with six strings. It is played by plucking its strings with a pick of fingers.

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It was originated in Spain around the 16th century, there are different types,and they include:

  • The Spanish or classical guitar
  • The steel-string guitar
  • The jazz or archtop guitar

So how do you play a guitar?

The first thing is to identify the different parts of a guitar like;

  • Headstocks:This is where strings runs through in a guitar
  • Bridge: This is where the strings are fixed to the guitar’s body

2. Position yourself properly on a chair, sitting uprightly so that the smallest string point towards the ground and the thickest string point towards the ceiling.

3. Tune the guitar and learn the names of each string from the thickest to the thinnest E, A,D, G,B & E

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4.press your fingers down between the frets not on them.

5.play the chords and place your hands on them correctly

6.play songs with your guitar,You need to learn how to place your hands on the guitar chords to play it effectively, hence practice as many times as possible.

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