Chess is a board game containing sixty-four squares, sixteen white pieces and sixteen black pieces arranged strategically.


Chess is a two player game, whose aim is to attack your co-player’s king such that there’s no way of escape.


Here’s how a chess board is usually arranged



The playing process…


The white piece is first moved and players move pieces alternatively.



There are six different pieces and each of them move differently.

The queen can move in all directions, both sideways, forward and backward.



The king can move just one step in all directions.

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The castle can move only in the vertical and horizontal direction.

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The Bishop moves diagonally in both ways




The knight moves in a L direction




The puns move forward, but only move diagonally when it wants to attack.

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Pieces are moved towards the other pieces in order to capture them.


The goal of the game is to attack the king, this can be easily achieved by attacking the queen first.


When the King is attacked, you arrive at checkmate

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