A Spouse literally means a significant other in a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean the husband alone as most people believed it is. The spouse can be used to mean the husband or the wife. This post covered both side, continue reading.


Research has shown also that the Spouse can be non-marital partners who play a social role similar to that of a spouse, but do not have rights and duties reserved by law to a spouse. Nonetheless, your spouse should be pleased regardless of whether it’s the former or the latter.

There are certain qualities characterized by the Spouses, be it the husband or the wife that whoever is going to be pleased as a spouse should possess before advocating for being pleased.

Qualities of a good spouse

Honesty and integrity: This seem to the one of the hardest things spouses find hard to keep up to. However, there are people who possess this quality without questions. A spouse should always be honest to the other no matter what.

Openness : This works hand in hand with honesty. Openness covers the part where you have to talk to your partner about everything and Honesty is honestly not lying about what you tell him/her.

Affection : Showing Affections is one the ways your partner feels an assurance that you are both in it together, you should show your partner affections everyday.

Maturity: Especially on the husband part, your level of maturity should be high. Time to time, your maturity will be tested by your partner either intentionally or not. When the time comes, your maturity is what put you above others.

Respect : Spouses value each others’ interests separate from their own and are supportive of each other’s overall goals in life. You should not try to control each other with threatening or manipulative behavior. This is called RESPECT, a relationship is not complete without it.

How to please your Spouse

Having the qualities of a good spouse has put you a edge ahead  pleasing your spouse, but you should note these too :

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1. Shower complements

2. Be expressive

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3. Be transparent

4. Always stay calm

5. Get flirty sometimes

6. Don’t be too serious

7. Make your home peaceful

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8. Build excitement

9. Show love always.


This is will not only help you please your spouse, but also control respect for you. Be consistent about it, you will be always find your spouse pleased.

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