An interview is basically a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee.


Sometimes it can be a group of interviewers and other times it could be just one interviewer, It all depends on the set-up or the organisation.


Interviews could also be online or offline and the goal of interviews to for the organization to be guaranteed and assured that the interviewee is worth the position, the task or the offer.


During an interview, the interviewer’s objective is to get to know;


Who you are

Your name, your certifications, your skill and your experiences.


What you have to offer

How your skill can be of benefit to them.


Why you should be hired or chosen amongst others

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What makes you stand out, of course it’s more of a competition knowing that other people (including some with better skill) are gunning for that position or offer.


While preparing for an interview you should have explicit answers to the above.


In preparing for an interview you must put the following into cognizance;




Eloquence is the core forte that must have been practiced to perfection while preparing for an interview.

If you have the correct answers to all the questions and you’re not eloquent, the interviewers will lose interest in you and might even doubt your ability.


Concerning eloquence, you can train yourself by constantly looking into the mirror and practice giving answers to possible questions that could come up during the interview.


You can also train by practicing with a group of people, family or friends.

Let them access, correct and point out your mistakes.




While going for an interview, your appearance is the first impression you’re giving to the interviewer’s so make preparations for a top notch appearance before the Interviewers.

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You must be sound in knowledge about certain aspects like.


How to respond to certain statement and answer certain questions.

For example, l “tell us about yourself”

This question comes up a lot during interviews and your response depicts how intelligent you are.

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The Organisation.

While preparing for an interview, you must be fully informed of the organization’s goal, mission, products or services, locations around the globe, type of clients, competitors and workers.


In conclusion, preparing for an interview involves a lot of practice, at some point practice as the interveiwee and at some other point as the interviewer.

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