Pomegranate is one of the world most ancient fruits which is a good source of vitamin C, Vitamin K, potasium and various nutrients.


How to prepare Pomegranate.

Here is an outline of step-by-step guide to preparing pomegranate


Looking at the pomegranate, it’s a sectional fruit, so the first step is you cut through the sections with a knife.


Break the pomegranate open into a bowl of water.


Pick the seeds into the bowl of water.


Pour the water off.


It’s time to eat your pomegranate.


Apparently Pomegranate is a fruit whose seed is the real meal.

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Pomegranate also have a number of nutritional values and importance which includes;




Vitamin K

Vitamin C



Fatty acid


It’s importance are;

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Prevention of cancer especially breast and postrate cancer.


It’s medicinal.


It helps in lowering blood pressure


It protects the heart against heart diseases


It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect.

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It may help fight Alzheimer’s disease.


It helps one’s activeness and improve the brain activities.


Pomegranate is one amazing fruit with loads of importance of nutritional values and also a surprising way to prepare.

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