How to prevent against bullying

As the fact is not hidden to many, bullying is a notorious and mischievous act, which has gained deep grounds across the soils of the globe.


Bullying, as an act, is generally known as the adoption of threat, force, coercion or assault, to mau, intimidate or to create unwanted fears. It happens between unequal individuals in power. Also, bullying is a perpetual act. It usually continues for a very long time. It’s a fierce behavior which aims to attack someone with the intent to cause the attacked mental, social, physical, or emotional distress and discomfort.


Undoubtedly, victims of bullying go through hell. Bullying wrecks devastating emotional, physical, or mental havoc on its preys. Many individuals have lost their sanity to bullying. Many parents have lost their wards to this so-called sinister act. As a matter of fact, this inhumane deed has taken away plethora number of students from their beloved teachers.


Fortunately, bullying can be prevented from happening to either you or your ward(s). There are many ways through with bullying can be prevented and avoided. We shall be discussing the means in this article. We shall however dive into some types and signs of bullying before going into the prevention of bullying.


 Types of Bullying


Verbal Bullying: This is a type of bullying which people don’t really pay adequate attention to because it only involves the use of insulting words to gain power over the bullied. It’s one of the dreadful forms of bullying which should be strongly reproached.


Physical Bullying: This form of bullying is usually as clear as crystal. This is because it involves using physical confrontation to gain power and control over the bullied. This type of bullying touches the adoption of physical beating, slapping, kicking, hitting, and exchange of punches.


Cyberbullying: This bullying is done on the internet. It involves the bullies making use of social media to harass their victims in a very hurtful and depressing way. Cyberbullying also involves Cyberstalking. This form of bullying is getting more popular than the others as it is indisputable that the world has advanced. Therefore, cyberbullying needs urgent condemnation.

 Some signs of bullying

Below are some signs usually exhibited by bullying victims;


1. Unusual skipping of classes.

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2. Frequent weird injuries.

3. Sudden loss of social interest.

4. Strange behavioural exhibitions

5. Unusual poor academic performances

6. Frequent illness.

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 How to prevent against bullying

As mentioned earlier, bullying can be prevented. Its occurrence can be avoided or stopped. There are some vitals and sacrosanct measures to consider to be able to prevent bullying. Some measures will discuss in this subsequent section.


Understanding what bullying is: This is very important. A parent who doesn’t want his/her child to be a victim of bullying must find time to let the child understands what bullying really is. Make you keep a close interaction with your kid, explaining to him/her the meaning, the effect, the danger of bullying. By doing this, you’d be making them feel comfortable to share their everyday experience with you.


Moral teaching: Parent and teachers should always serve their kids or students the good moral of behaving towards other human beings. Tell your kids or students not to attack anyone. Let them know hitting, abusing, and kicking other kids like them is very bad and inhumane. By observing this, the rate of bullies will surely decrease.


Visitation: Parents should always find time to visit their children’s schools to make enquiries about how they kids are being treated and handled by their teachers and likewise their mates. This may help the parents not to be in the dark whenever their wards are going through the hell of bullying.


Imbibing a good listening skill: Parents and teachers should try to cultivate good listening skills. It’s important for them to always listen to whatever their wards or students have to tell them. There are times when they always feel like sharing their pains to whoever cares to listen to them. So, it’s pertinent to adopt a good listening skill while dealing with them.

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Taking them serious: Every matter or incident mentioned by kids should be taken seriously. Always take up actions against any form of immoral or wicked things done to him. This will boost their confidence of being open up always and also help them solve many issues of bullying.



Preventing bullying is a collective work of parents, teachers, students and even the government. This devilish act called bullying must be condemned in any society. It should be given a breathing space in any sane society. It can be prevented and avoided through only collective efforts.

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