How to promote your brand on WhatsApp and make more sales

In this article, I will tell you how to promote your brand on WhatsApp and make more sales.

First, what type of brand do you have? Do you sell things? Are you looking for ways of reaching more potential customers who will patronize you and also refer you to their friends?

The joy of any business is to make more sales, if you can make up to the profit of #10,000 everyday, then you are going somewhere, #10,000 can be gotten if you gain #100 per person for selling your products to 100 people, you will agree with me now that reaching more customers can really help your brand and also make you more sales.

WhatsApp is the largest social platform in the world with billions of active users, there’s a limit to the number of people you can reach on WhatsApp, but for local brand, it is very advisable that you promote your brand on WhatsApp, because you’re more closer to your WhatsApp friends than your Instagram and Twitter followers.

If you’re yet to market your brand on WhatsApp, then you’re missing a lot.

How do you promote your brand on WhatsApp to make more sales?

Oh! By creating a WhatsApp group and posting your products to the group? Well, it is really nice, but that’s not the best way, continue reading to learn the best way to promote your brand on WhatsApp to make more sales.

How to promote your brand on WhatsApp and make more sales

In order to promote your brand, you need to create a WhatsApp TV, lol…. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should start a WhatsApp TV, but you need to create something like WhatsApp TV, then you use the WhatsApp TV to promote your brand.

This is how….

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First, write a compelling BC, request for permission to view people’s status and ask them to view yours too, share the BC out and let people click through your link and message you.

Try as much as possible to get up to like 300 people to be viewing your statuses, it might not be easy but you can achieve it.

Here is a perfect example.

Haleemah otherwise known as Altitude is the CEO of Altitude Collections, where she sells quality and affordable scarfs and bags, she wants to write a compelling BC for people to connect with her, see her BC below.

Hello, my name is Haleemah, the CEO of Altitude Collections, I sell quality bags and classic scarfs, I will like us to have access to each other’s status.


If you can write something like this, you’re good to go, share it around, people will click through the link, ask them to save your number, save their numbers too. If you don’t know how to create WhatsApp links like the one we created above, please refer to this article on how to create WhatsApp links.

How do you make use of it? First, try as much as possible to get up to 300 people to click through your link, you can achieve this by sharing your BC to lots of platforms (We will assist the first three brands that chat us on WhatsApp to share their link to hundreds of groups, to chat with us, click on the WhatsApp icon on the header of our blog).

The next step after you’ve gotten up to 300 people to be viewing your statuses is to create broadcast lists, create broadcast lists and add all those who clicked your link and some of your friends to the list, don’t send any BC to the broadcast list yet, just create it.

Be occasionally greeting people in your broadcast list by sending things like “how’re you doing today“, “hope your day is going well” etc. Do this so that they will have some sense of belonging.

Now, try and be uploading your new products to your status, no matter what you upload, try adding price to it, adding price will motivate those who viewed your status to place order, you can as well use your status to beg those who viewed your status to repost, out of 300 people, I’m very sure that 30 people will repost it.

Now, you will be wondering what the usefulness of the broadcast lists might be, well! It is really useful for you, this is how….

Avoid bombarding them with adverts, you should only be sending like 3 of your products to them once in a week and beg them to repost on their statuses, in addition, send your link to them and beg them to repost, I’m very sure few of their friends will click through the link and connect with you, doing this will give you access to more potential customers.

Now, the last but not the least is to give referral opportunities to those in your broadcast list.

Ask me how?
During my secondary school days, I was taught something called Mutualism/Symbiosis, if I can recollect very well, my biology teacher Said Mutualism is the association between two living organisms in which both of them benefit from one another, nice! You’re trying to make money from people in your broadcast list, by compelling them to buy your products, but you can actually let them use you to make money too.

You will both benefit from each other, what I’m saying is that, choose one of your products that is cool and will be irresistible by your customers, let say you bought it at the price of #2,500 and you want to sell it at the price of #3,000.

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Go to your broadcast list, tell them that the price of the product is #3,400, now…. Further by explaining to them that if they can refer a customer to you, they will get 10% of the amount of the product per customer referred by them, 10% of #3,400 is #340, so if they can refer 10 people to you, they can gain up to #3,400 and that doesn’t stop you from making your profit too, in fact…. It will even speed up your sales, cool right?

Before you can do this, you need to learn how to write referral links, because you will give each of the people in your broadcast list a unique link that will show to you that truly, they refer customer to you, you can read my article on how to create WhatsApp links here to know how you can create referral links.

Here is a perfect example of what to send to your BC list.

This message is from Khadeejah, the CEO of DeeJah’S Store, she sells good and quality shoes, Slippers and Sandals for male and female.

She plans to give people in her broadcast list the opportunity to make money through her, this is what she wrote to them.

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Hi, hope you’re doing great?, I have a good Slippers here that people really like, the price of the slippers is #3,400. I don’t know if you are interested in telling your friends about the slippers, for every customer that you refer to me, I will give you #340. If you’re interested, please let me know, so that I can give you your referral link, thank you.

You can play with words and create a unique and compelling BC to entice your friends to do this referral.

You can actually get good shoes, sanders and slippers from DeeJah’S Store, click here to place order.

Do you have other ways of promoting your brand? Let us know in the comment box. If you also learn one or two things from this, please share to educate your friends too.

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