If by Addiction you mean the psychological inability to stop an habit, even though it’s detrimental to the physical and psychological stability of it’s host, you can continue reading this post.

Addiction doesn’t have to be in substances like cocaine, marijuana, drugs and the likes, some Addictions are behavioral. Addiction like eating, gambling, working and sleeping are good examples of Behavioral Addictions.

When somebody is suffering from Addiction, the person doesn’t get to control the amount of the substance or the number times the action repeats itself.


Provided in this post is an effective method of quiting addictions, grab a cup of coffee and follow me.

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Taking a certain amount of this substance as much as it affected you doesn’t make it an Addiction, feeling the need to take same quantity the next day is where addiction sets in. Likewise behavioral addiction, for example sleeping 10am Monday morning. If you feel you need to sleep again the same time next Monday or rather next day becomes an Addiction.


Four signs you are Addicted


  •  Uncontrollably seeking the habit or substance
  •  Feeling different about anyone who advised against getting your substance or habit
  • Losing interest in activity that doesn’t involve your Addiction
  • Inability to stop at every attempt to, even with all the harms it might have caused.


How to Quit an Addiction

There are four stages you should go through when you are trying to quit an Addiction.

1. Pre-contemplation: In this stage, you don’t see any harm in what you are doing. You see whosoever talked negative about your Addiction as a potential enemy, this is where you avoid talking about the harms your Addiction might have caused you.

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2. Contemplation: Contemplation is The act of looking forward to an event as about to happen. In this stage, you see all negativity in your Addiction and you want to stop. Here, you need to keep looking at the negativity. This will help enliven the motive of leaving the Addiction.

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.3. Preparation: This is where you start making plans to either cut your Addiction short or leave it.
Proper preparation has to be ensured,

4. Action : This stage is where you take action against your Addiction i.e leave and never go back to it. It’s quite harder than it sounds but not impossible. This requires much effort and commitment gained from number 3.

Following the arrangement in the settings above will help you overcome any form of Addiction whatsoever. However, counselling and Medical advice can do some Wonders too.

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