Palm reading also known as chiromancy started in ancient India although its precise origin is not known.

Warning:This article is basically for research purpose and what is stated might not be exactly applicable to you to some extent.However put your Trust in God and be prayerful to predict your future.

Your palm is the underneath of the human hand, consisting of finger bones and wrist joint. Unlike other part of the body, there is absence of hair on the palm.

According to Aristotle “Lines are written into human hand for a reason”. Palmistry is the process of analysing the observable features of the hand thereby predicting the future and able to interpret personality.

How To Read Palm

Before anything, you need to take note of the texture,position of finger, shape of hands etc.

The hand is named according to the four elements ;Fire, water,air and earth.

1. Earth hands
Characterized by square palms and short fingers.

Individual with hands like this are known to be logical, hardworking and firm in whatever they are doing.

They focus on short term goals thereby hinder in further growth.

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2.Fire hands

It is characterized by long palm & short fingers


Individual with fire hand are known to be passionate, confident & industrious.


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They may lack empathy

3. Air hands
Characterized by square palms & long fingers


  • Individuals possess good communication skills
  • They can analyze well

4.lastly,Water hands

Characterized by long palms & long fingers.The hands are too soft to touch

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  • Individuals are in tune with their emotions,
  • Creative and fuelled with passion.


  • Their feelings are easily hurt.

Looking at your personality, where do you belong amongst the four elements listed? Thanks for reading

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