Tyre is a ring of rubber inflated and placed over the rim of a wheel to provide support for a car.
They are normally installed using the hydraulic press.

Types of Tyre

The following are the types of Tyre we have:
  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • All-season tyres (common type)
  • Truck tyres

Features of a good tyre

Watch out for the following when purchasing a tyre
1.cost of purchasing
2. Fuel economy
3.minimal noise
4. Ability to withstand both wet & dry surfaces
5.high load index
6.speed rating should fit with that of your car

How To Read size numbers of a Tyre

Consider the images attached below to understand a tyre’s size numbers, it’s usually a composition of both letters and numbers.
‘P’ indicate it is intended for passenger vehicles according to the United States standard. If the first letter is missing, this indicates a Euro-metric tyre.
‘215’ indicate the width of the tyre measured in millimeter.the width of this tyre is 215 millimeter.
’65’ indicate the ratio of the height of the tyre to its width. This is the two-digit after the slash mark.
‘R’ stands for radical which is the layer that run radially across the tyre.
’15’ is the diameter of the tyre .it is the size of the wheel in which the tyre fits in.
Others include:
1. Dot Symbol:This indicates that the tyre complies with safety standard in US.
2.TIN (Tyre Identification Number) :This includes the 12 numbers indicating the company’s location, week and year of manufacture.
It is easy to read size numbers of a tyre once you master what was explained above, Thanks for reading


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