Reading someone’s mind basically means being able to what the person is thinking and what he’s/she is likely to do next. Quite a few people are blessed with this gift from the most high.

People believe that whoever is able to tell someone’s mind is not an ordinary person. According to an engagement with a guy, he said only the people with supernatural powers can read minds.

This is far from being true because you don’t need to possess any possession before you can read minds. Reading to the end of this post I believe you will join the community of the mind readers even without any power whatsoever.


What you should know

The truth is that it doesn’t take that many skills to read minds. All you need is the drive to learn and the willingness to follow your intuition when it tells you what someone is probably thinking or feeling at the moment.

You need to understand the science and the psychology behind mind reading. When you do, you will see how achievable it is for anyone to read minds, with the determination to learn. Aside that, there are also some tricks you can use to give the illusion that you are reading mind.


How to read minds

• Be aware of your sensory reactions : The sensory reactions is what makes it possible for you to discern what is going on with others beyond words could speak. This requires you access all three processing centers of the nervous system—your brain, heart, and gut.

Building your Sensory Awareness

1. You should always listen with your brain, heart, and gut.

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2. You should be quiet, inside and out.

3. You should always note your emotions.

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4. Test your instinct when you feel something about someone, share and see if you are right. If you are, that’s it.

5. Never criticize yourself for anything, this could hinder your ability to think straight let alone read minds.


Be aware of your Cognitive reactions

This is when you narrow in on what you see or hear from people to understand their situation or feelings. Sometime can be by facial expressions, though it’s really hard to decipher facial expressions no matter how much training you have.

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Because there is far more going on in any interaction than what people are saying and perceptibly expressing, because not every expressions explain the feelings.

However, you can know people’s desires, disappointments, needs, frustrations, hopes, and doubts by the combination of your Cognitive and sensory awareness.


Everybody can read expressions, but not everyone have the patience and trust to believe what was read. It doesn’t happen in a day, it becomes natural for you when you are consistent about it.

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