How To Read Someone’s Mind

I can boldly say that virtually everyone always wishes to have the ability to read other peoples’ mind especially during a conversation with them.

This is usually due to the feelings that the person might be a hypocrite or the person’s reactions are not satisfactory. However, too many people; it is a mission impossible.

But I say, it is possible to predict correctly what a person is thinking.

You should continue reading to find out how.
The process of mind-reading is known as “telepathy” and this ability allows certain individuals to see through you and predict accurately whatever you might be thinking.

You might be wondering if this is not some kind of magic or some other spiritual powers; certainly, telepathy is not any of those.

This process is possible through careful observations and mastery of some special techniques.

  • List of techniques you should try out
  • Determine the person’s nature
  • Keep eye contact
  • Be cautious of the person reactions
  • Listen carefully
  • Do not jump into conclusions
  • Determine the person’s nature

You should have an idea of the kind of person you are dealing with; whether he is an introvert or an extrovert.

Introverts tend to bottle up feelings and might be difficult to ascertain what they are thinking while extroverts are mostly social and carefree with no deep thoughts and express their feelings well enough to predict their thoughts.


Keep eye contact

Eye contact tells you a lot about the person’s thoughts and you can get the top to have a clue about their emotions.

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Observe how teary their eyes look which can determine how broken they are and how much they tend to maintain eye contact. You can also use eye contact to buy yourself more time to fully notice the other techniques; it is always quite difficult for people to break eye contact once it is maintained if they are interested in the conversation.


Be cautious of the person reactions

The person reactions to your statements and level of humour should tell you how much they are interested in the conversation and what they think of you.

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When people have a positive feeling towards you, they tend to laugh at any joke you crack to ensure liveliness and commend you even on the dry jokes. Otherwise, they will not find you funny at all (you will just be talking to a bunch of frowning fellows).

Check for the non-verbal communications such as sighing, chuckling, and the use of gestures. Do not forget to note their sitting positions: people sit in when they are eager to hear you and tend to look away or look down regularly ( do not mistake blushing for this) when they are not interested in the conversation anymore


Listen Carefully

Being a good observer or speaker is not enough, you must also be a good listener.

Emotions and intentions are expressed with some certain words and rhetorical questions, the use of long sentences and short sentences by people also show the level of their interest. These are things you listen to and endeavour to prolong the discussion to find out more.


 Do not jump into conclusion

Before you believe that you have successfully read a person’s mind, then you must have observed them over a long period and must have mastered the above techniques. Sometimes, some people might shrug you off even when inwardly they want to talk to you. So, it depends on how well you can observe and pick out power points (the words and reactions that exhibit certain messages).

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For instance, continuous nodding and fixed gaze mean that the person is interested but do not want to talk much.
So, reading a person’ mind is not easy and might take quite sometimes for you to be good at doing so.

You might need to meet different people with divergent behaviour to have a broad idea of how humans behave and judge different situations. By so doing, you will improve your sensitivity and have an advanced level of instincts which is why some experts in mind-reading never joke with their instincts.

Mind reading is a skill that can be acquired and magical although we do have seers and soothsayers who use spiritual powers to predict people’s thoughts.

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