Stretch mark also known as striae is due to scar of skin,it is caused by rupture of collagen and elastin.

It can be found in arms, back,breast, torso,stomach and almost all parts of the body,more reason for you to remove it.

Risk factors for stretch mark include:

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  • Puberty
  • Sudden weight loss & gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Using certain cream

Most people with stretch mark have increased cortisone in their body.

Like all scars, removing stretch marks can be difficult however you can try the following out:

1. Eat more foods that contain vitamin A such as carrots, sweet potato. This is because they contain retinol which gives the skin young look and make it smoother

2. Apply coconut oil on the mark, studies show coconut oil has healing properties

Glass bowl filled with coconut oil and half coconut with pieces isolated on white background

3. Rub Almond oil on the spot

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Glass bowl filled with almond oil and some almond nuts isolated on white background

4. Make use of Aloe Vera :
Rub the liquid oozing out of the stalk of the plant on your mark at least once a day.

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5. Your last resort should be laser treatment & surgery due to complications involved.

Hope it’s helpful?

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