So you just moved into a new apartment, your new house and the wallpaper is more hideous and haunting Or maybe you’re ready to sell your home and need to strip the walls before potential buyers start touring.

Or, under less dramatic circumstances, perhaps you’re simply ready to swap out your old wallpaper with a new pattern. Well, whatever your reason, we have compiled ways of removing them for you.

Make sure you Clear and Prepare the Room for Wallpaper Removal, begin by removing items from the walls and moving furniture to the center of the room, or out of the room if possible.

•Cover floors and remaining furniture with drop cloths to protect them from getting wet.
•Shut off the electricity to the room and cover any outlets or light switches with painter’s tape.

Have you discovered Your Wall and Wallpaper Type.

You’ll want to figure out whether your walls are plaster or drywall before you start peeling. Drywall can be damaged if it gets too wet, so be careful not to over soak. It’s also important to determine what kind of wallpaper you’re working with.

Use a putty knife to loosen a corner of the paper and try to peel it off. If it comes right off, then you have strippable wallpaper.

If the wallpaper peels away but leaves a paper backing, then you’re dealing with peelable wallpaper.

If the paper doesn’t budge, then you have a traditional wallpaper that will need to be removed with water and a chemical stripper.

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So, let’s discuss the steps to take how to remove strippable wallpaper

1. Gather Needed Materials;

•Putty Knife

2. Loosen the Corner and Pull

Use your putty knife to lift the corner of the paper. Use your hands to peel the paper from the wall, pulling as close to the wall as you can to avoid tearing the paper. If the paper does rip, loosen another corner and start again. Repeat the process around the entire room.

3. Clean the Walls

Once all the paper has been removed, clean the walls with soap and water to remove any residue. Allow the walls to dry completely before painting. These are the ways to remove strippable wallpaper.

How to Remove Traditional Wallpaper

1. Gather your Materials

•Wallpaper stripper
•Spray bottle, garden sprayer, or paint roller
•Putty knife
•Scoring tool (if necessary)
•Rubber gloves

2. Mix the Solution

Combine hot water and wallpaper stripper according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour the solution into a spray bottle or garden sprayer.

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3. Apply Solution

Use a spray bottle, garden sprayer, or paint roller to apply the solution to a small section of the wall, let the solution absorb for several minutes.

4. Scrape the Wallpaper Off

Use your putty knife to peel off the wallpaper, working your way up the wall. Be careful not to gouge the drywall as you scrape. Once the paper has been removed from the section, move on to the next area.

5. Score if Necessary

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If the solution doesn’t absorb and the wallpaper is difficult to scrape, you may need to score the wall before applying the solution. Roll a scoring tool over the paper, making overlapping circles.

6. Clean the Walls; Wipe down the walls with soap and water to remove any residue.

Have you tried different ways and manage to remove the wallpapers in your house neatly? Share it with us in the comment box.

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