DSTV is a direct broadcast satellite service owned by multi-choice. The service provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers.

There are types of DSTV decoders.

There’s the DSTV Explora, and the DSTV HD decoder.

The DSTV Explora is the most sophisticated decoder DSTV produces.
With the Explora decoder, you can rewind, pause and resume a program that is currently showing in the decoder.

In a case where you’ll not be able to watch your favorite programs, or you’ll like to watch them again, the Explora offers a feature that allows you record programs that is being shown.

If you missed your favorite show and you forgot to record, you can have them downloaded to your Explora.

With the DSTV Explora, you can rent blockbuster movies, to be returned in 48 hours.

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The DSTV HD decoder is only capable of outputting DSTV channels from all packages. All the special packages of the DSTV Explora isn’t present here.

Which means that to be able to rent movies on DSTV, you need to have the DSTV Explora decoder.

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Here’s how to rent Box Office movies on DSTV:

Step 1: Go to box office: Press the green button on your remote.

Step 2: Choose your movies: Select the movie you want to rent and select your payment option (if it’s your first movie, it’s on DSTV, so just choose box office account as your payment option).

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Step 3: Send them your rental code: You can send it via bo.dstv.com, SMS or even using the self service on WhatsApp – 060 060 DSTV (3788).

Step 4: Enjoy your first movie: Your movie will be ready in minutes, so get your popcorn and drinks ready, and enjoy your movie.

If you know of any other method to rent movies on DSTV, comment below so others can learn too.  We’ll be reading your comments.

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