How To Request For Payment On Paystack

Paystack, a Lagos based start-up lets businesses in Africa accept payments by anyone, anywhere in the world via credit card, debit card, money transfer, and mobile money on their websites or mobile apps. It specializes in the fields of financial services, the internet, and payments. The company was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ikeja, Lagos.

More than 60,000 businesses in Nigeria and Ghana use Paystack to collect online and offline payments. The team has developed APIs enabling developers to create online custom checkout experiences, build automated recurring billing systems, instantly send bulk transfers to any bank account in Nigeria, and verify the identity of customers.

Paystack has different charging plans in place for customers.

For cards issued by Nigerian banks Paystack will take a fee of 1.5% & an additional #100 on every transaction. For translation below #2,500 they don’t take #100.

For international transactions though, the charge is slightly higher at 3.9%. There is also an #100 fee for every transaction which will not be waived under any circumstances. Note that all International transaction will be processed & remitted to the merchant in Naira.

Business owner can choose to pay the charges themselves or pass it on to the customers. In latter case all you need to do is calculate 1.5% (+#100 where need be) of whatever amount what you’re selling it & add to its final charge.

When the customers pay, Paystack take its cut & you get the intended prices.

A lot of businesses on Paystack provide tailored services to their customers. This creates the need to request payments directly. Paystack provides a good number of ways to integrate and get paid.

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Paystack launched the Payment Pages last year as a solution for collections. With this feature, anyone could set up a page and get a link to share with their customers. It turned out really well, and it let people jump right into Paystack without having to go through the ease of using the API or any of the plugins.

Now let’s get to how to request for payment on Paystack. Follow these easy steps below;

How to start requesting

1. Download the app from Playstore (it’s available in Android and iOS) or visit the website “”

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2. Register your business on the app or site.

After successfully registering your business to accept payments from customers.

3. On your dashboard, go to the Payment Requests Menu on the sidebar to start making requests.

A form will pop-up with the option to create two types of invoices:

*Simple Invoice – this is the fastest, simplest way to send an invoice

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*Professional Invoice – this option is great if you need to include more information on the invoice such as tax and line items. The customer will be able to download the invoice as a pdf when they receive it.

4. You can send a simple request or create a more professional one, complete with an invoice.

Hope this article helps you request your first payment on Paystack, share your opinion in the comment box

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