You need to clear your iPhone’s cache and maintain its longevity, hence the need to restart it.

iPhone is a smartphone designed by Apple Inc with a line of touchscreen, it is said to be one of the most secure smartphone on earth.

You may need to restart your iPhone if there is issue of overboarding and software bugs.

Benefits of restarting an iPhone

1. Refreshes the device’s memory
2. It makes you aware of your immediate surrounding.

Myth about restarting your iPhone is that many believe it weakens the life of your battery. However the longevity of your battery depends on how often you use it, and whether you use it when charging or not.

How to restart an iPhone

Having highlighted the benefit of restarting an iPhone here’s how to go about it.

Here are the three categories of iPhone and how to restart them

A. iPhone X,11 & 12

1.Press and hold either the volume or side button until the power slider appears

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2. Drag it and then wait for a few seconds for your iPhone to turn off

3.then turn on your iPhone and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

B.iPhone 8,7 or 6 (2nd Generation iPhones) and hold side button

2. Follow the rest of previous steps for the iPhones mentioned Earlier on.

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C.iPhone 5 and earlier (1st generation iPhones) and hold the top button until the power slider appear

2. Follow the rest of previous procedures for iPhone X groups and 2nd generation iPhone.


Aside the benefits mentioned herein, the steps you take in restarting your iPhone can ease how to identify the type of iPhone you are using.


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