It bothers you so much that your girlfriend thinks you are too boring and you are losing her already, probably because of your inability to make her feel your presence through an effective romance. After reading this post, your fear is as good as gone because I will highlight in this post How to romance a girl in a way she never forget.

Until you can make her release the feel good hormones, she will always complain that you are not good enough for her. Below is the magic you can perform with the Five senses to attain an effective romance with your girl, this will make your girl yours forever if you make the good use of it.

Effective romance with the Five-Senses

1. Eye Contact: Sense of Sight!
Firstly you need to give your partner a straight look in the eyes whilst embracing, don’t hug too tight women like it when you leave your arms loose so that she can move out when she feels any discomfort; allow your bodies brush against each other, feel your nipples brushing against each other move sideways don’t break the eye contact.

2. Feel Each Other: Sense Of Touch.
Slowly and gently explore your partner don’t grab or squeeze just slide your palms over her nice and easy as if you are holding something fragile, if you are doing it right your partner will try to come closer gently try to move away but just don’t break the body contact allow your bodies to feel each other the same way your hands will be feeling your partner if you feel any changes in breathing slip your hands under the clothes and feel the skin using the inside of your palm and your finger tips. Gently get rid of the clothes; don’t get entirely naked.

3. Sense of Smell:
As your bodies respond to each other move in close but never too tight then hold still and incorporate the sense of smell, the nape of the neck is a good place to place your nose close and now that you have seen each other and felt each other smell each other, take a deep breath and hold it then breath out as close to her skin as possible, the warmth of your breath on the skin is something else believe me

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4. Listen; Sense Of Hearing Ears to ear connection
After smelling each other for a while place your ears against each other and listen then brush those ears against each other. Take your time to place your ear on the chest of your partner and listen to the heartbeat.

5. Sense of Taste
Now take out the tongue and taste Kiss your partner all over the body again the neck is the great place to start especially on the collarbone move up till you get to the ears and take the earlobe between your lips and breath into the ear. I believe that that since both the male and female organs react to pepper and harsh soaps I believe they have a sense of taste too.

Conclusion: By using all these five senses together in your foreplay you can go ahead and satisfy your partner beyond belief. Remember that the biggest sexual organ you have is the brain, open mindedness is key, the skin is sensitive to all kind of senses so play with it also ice cubes on the skin followed by the mouth which is warmer can be one of the many things open minded people do. Use your imagination and enjoy,remember  SATISFACTION of your partner comes first, if you can satisfy your partner they will feel obliged to satisfy you too.

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