Dish Network Corporation is an American television provider based in Englewood, Colorado. It is the owner of the direct-broadcast satellite. You might have been looking for how to set it up, follow this steps;

Step 1 
Look for a good area to mount your satellite dish.

Note that this area must be one that does not have any major obstructions in the southern sky and that allows for a flush mounting of the dish to the mounting surface below it.

Step 2
Make sure the dish is level once you have mounted it. To ensure this is the case, check along multiple points of the satellite dish with a hand-held level tool. If the dish is not level, be sure to make adjustments. The mounting of the dish is an important initial step.

Step 3
Connect the satellite receiver to your television and to the satellite dish itself. Make this connection to the television using the provided standard A/V cables, unless you have a specific setup that requires other cables. These standard A/V cables are red, white and yellow and plug into the color-matched sockets on the back of your television and also the back of the satellite receiver.

Also, run the wiring from the dish down to the satellite receiver, making sure not to use splitters on this wiring.

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Finally, after this connection is made, plug in the receiver’s power cord and turn it on.

Step 4
Wait for the receiver to power up. Allow it to bring up the signal meter screen. Have someone to stay back and report back from the signal meter screen as you return to the satellite dish.

Step 5
Point the Dish Network satellite dish into the southern sky, and then loosen the elevation bolts via the nuts around them.

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Then, move the dish slightly up and down, waiting for reports back from the person at the signal meter screen. Make adjustments further as necessary.

Correct the azimuth in the same fashion. Loosen the nuts near the LNB dish arm and then move the dish left to right, waiting for reports from the signal meter screen.

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Continue making adjustments until a signal of between 70 and 80 is made.

After then enjoy your new Dish Network satellite dish.

Thank you.

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