Can you set up your email? OK! You’d get to know better if you do.
Email is a means of sharing messages between people using electronic was invented by ray Tomlinson using @ to link username.
Email is used to send, deliver and store messages however it is not necessary the users are online simultaneously.

Types of Email

1. Web-based email e.g. AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! etc
2.POPS email servers (Post office Protocol)
3.IMAP email servers (Internal Message Access Protocol) which enable users to access mailbox from multiple users
4.MAPI email servers (Messaging Application Programming Interface) is used to communicate to Microsoft exchange server.

Importance of using Email

1. It reduces cost
2. It helps with synchronization
3. It is faster
4. It operates in a written record form.


How To Set Up Email

The below description is only applicable to Androids however you can use the format to set up PC,IOS etc.
1. Go to Android “Setting”, click on ‘users & acct”
2. Tap ‘add account’ and choose the type you which for between POP3 and IMAP
3. Enter your email address e.g.
4. Tap “manual set up”
5. For ‘Account options’ click on the sync frequency i.e. how often you want your acct with the device.
6. To get notifications for new messages, tap “Notify me when mail arrives”
7. Tap next,
After which The message “Your acct is set up and email is on its way” appears
Be careful not to forget your password however if you do, there’s an option to recover it. Thanks for reading


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