Zoom is an online platform based in California that make use of video as its chat services with revenue of about 622 million USD as at 2019.
It is a communication app that enable you to set up virtual video for conferences, live chats.
The app is available for free on androids, iOS and windows.
Zoom is more popular amongst its counterpart due to the fact that it is easy to use, can accommodate more and available for use at anytime. However, they are paid platform for interested users.

Uses of Zoom

It is used to record video sessions at a conference, webinars. Zoom app became oblivious especially with the pandemic lurking around.

How To Set Up Zoom Meeting

Setting up Zoom meeting implies you are the host for such meeting, however you need to sign up first.
  • Open your Zoom App
  • Input your email & password
Then you are good to go, After signing up what next is to set up meetings on the App
1. Enter password for your email, Facebook etc. on ‘start with video‘ tab on “New Meeting” as it appears afterwards.

Don’t of Zoom App

Do not try the following when you’re using Zoom App
A.replacing professionalism with comfort
B. Giving room for distractions
C. Not Eating before starting the meeting
D. Not Muting yourself when you aren’t speaking
E. Using a poor light setting
Setting up Zoom meeting is not tough, however you and your crew needs to maintain certain decorum for efficient use. Thanks for reading…


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