An argument is a statement or set of statements that you use in order to try to convince people that your opinion about something is correct.

Arguments are common in all types of relationships, but sometimes they can be hard to settle.

Before you engage with someone in an argument, it is important to get yourself into the right mindset. You can also increase your chances of reaching a solution by improving your communication skills.

If the argument still doesn’t seem to be reaching a conclusion, then you can also seek help from a third party.

The cause of arguments and fights is a lack of mutual, empathic understanding.

When empathy is not engaged, then people revert to a self-protective mode and become judgmental. The result is a bad feeling on both sides and no happy ending.

Arguments and disagreements are a part of life, but, hopefully, you’re usually able to peacefully come to an agreement or compromise.

And whenever an argument arises, you need to find ways to resolve or settle them.

Here’s how to settle an argument:

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1. Take responsibility for what you did: If you’re going to settle an argument, you have to be willing to take responsibility for what you did.

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2. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes: Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective is one of the most effective ways to diffuse arguments and instead create an understanding conversation.

3. Talk about the way you feel: The way you feel matters a lot, so it’s better to talk about how you feel, so the matter can be resolved.

4. Take a step back & put things in perspective: If you take a step back and think about what’s really going on and, again, why they’re acting the way that they are, you can shift the perspective from it being about you and you being unable to keep your cool, and hopefully calm some of the defensiveness in the other person, so that the two of you can have an actual conversation.

5. Focus on where you agree: You both can’t disagree on everything. There are places where the two of you do agree, even if you’re still in conflict over the general issue. Rather than focusing on the fact that you don’t agree generally, make connections and build bridges by pointing out that all is not lost.

6. If necessary, take a break: Sometimes, the best thing to do is step back and take a break from the arguing.It’s okay to table an issue and agree to not discuss it for a period of time before re-engaging.

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If you’re not getting anywhere, taking a break to cool off and reassess just might be the best thing that you can do to eventually settle the argument.

It is better to try as much as possible to prevent arguments from occurring, but as soon as they arise, you should resolve them early.

Have you ever been in an argument? How did you settle it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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