How to Resolve Conflict With Your Boyfriend

Welcome to TipsMint, your home of full gist. In today’s article, we will be learning how to resolve a misunderstanding in a relationship whatsoever, either in marriage, dating, romantic, casual, or intimate friendship.

Aside from ego, which may vary in both party dispositions towards another, pride or any other ill mannerism, settling or conflict resolution between two partners should not bear a hard nut to crack.

Not only because of the love that is involved, but also the peace of mind that both parties desire.
Your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is someone you know or are used to, coming together after every quarrel demands the “knowing” of him/her again.

However, to resolve to fight whatsoever, desire must come first, and desire through love, love through humility, humility through remembrance. Remembrance of what exactly? Remembrance of old sweet memories. Those fragments of experiences had together are those pillars upon which you will tie your parity.

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When you have the desire, from both parties besides the love that still breathes, then take a tour back to one time you had had together, one of the sweet times; Precisely.
Talk endlessly about it, even though your boyfriend (or girlfriend) may respond poorly or sound disinterested.

Then ask him/her. “Do you really want all that gone? Baby?” Whatever his response is, it does not matter.

All you have to do next is to follow the codes below.
Now is time to talk about the real issue. I understand talking about the main cause of conflict may be utterly uncomfortable, but this time, after clearing the ground with memorable memories and making him/her realizes you still crave for his/her indulgence, you then need to hit the nail.


Before you proceed with further talks, accept that he/she is emotionally stronger, be ready to apologize and reconvene the relationship, be ready to accept that you are wrong. Do not fawn words or try to prove the point. Just go ahead straight and apologize.


She will likely speak out a cloud of her in-depth vexation or anger after your earnest apology, now the logic is to remain silent while she speaks this. Just listen to him/her, try to apologize for every wrong, study his intonation and try to calm him/her when the voices seem to be rising.

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Yes, this is one of the psychological codes that transcend from physical to emotional, before moving closer, make a straight to eye contact appeal, try to make her/him see the loving, romantic, sincerely apologetic eyes, then move closer. Make a touch, you can either raise your arms to his shoulder, still maintaining eye contact, then whisper “I Love You” still maintaining eye contact.


Draw him/her closer, hug him, tell him you missed him. Tell him you cannot stay away. Tell him everything romantic. And trust me, his ego, anger, or thought may either reduce to low complain or totally diminish. Joke with him and immediately try to offer him something, something deliberate.


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