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Today, I will be sharing with you How to Setup a Profitable Plantain Chip Business in Nigeria.

Venturing into the business of plantain chip in Nigeria has been proven to be very profitable. Interestingly, it can be done with little start-up capital.

To set up a plantain chip production business at a small scale you don’t need much, you need between five thousand to ten thousand naira – nothing much.

This article will guide you on how you’ll source the needed materials and detailed procedures as well as marketing your plantain chips.


PLANTAIN: The major material is plantain. This time you will buy an unripe plantain. Ripe one will not give you the desired plantain chip product as you know ripe one will have soften and no amount of frying can make it to be like the one done with an unripe fruit.

Having known that. The type of plantain fruit to be used is the one that has a lot of cover, but usually smaller. Yoruba call it “Paranta”.

You may wonder why you are not using the bigger plantain with a less thick peel cover. The later is costly and considering the cost it may not be profitable using it.

Having known the type of plantain to be used next you think of where to source your plantain. You can easily source it at any nearby market near to you.

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Note that our chosen plantain type doesn’t cost much, you can get a bunch for as low as #150-200 per bunch depending on your location. I am writing this so as to have a reasonable bargain with the seller.

SUGAR: Also you’ll need a sweetening agent (sugar). If you did not add sugar your chip will not be sweet. As you know unripe fruits are purely starch and they gradually convert to sugar as they ripen.

COLOUR: Another important material is colouring. This is to bring out the characteristic colour of chip.

Fresh unripe plantain is white, if I’ll ask you. Will you buy a white plantain chip? I’m sure your answer will be no. That is when the necessity of colouring is known. You can source it with those selling cake decoration stuff.

PARKING NYLON: Parking nylon and labellings. You can also source it at a local shop near to you. You may not necessarily use a label for now as you are just starting

ENERGY SOURCE: It will be better if you get firewood but in the absence of it you can employ any other heat source like gas cooker, electric cooker, stove and some others.

OIL: You will need oil for frying the sliced chips.

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STEP 1: Unpeel the unripe plantain. Unpeeling will not be as you do for a ripe fruit. A simple way to do this is to use a knife to make a thin cut along the peel edge. Then remove the fruit. You do this until you are able to peel all.

STEP 2: Then you slice the fruit into chips. Ensure you slice as thin as possible (it should not be thick) for easy frying.

STEP 3: After that, you’ll mix your colour with water then pour into the sliced chip. Add sugar and mix with your hand to make sugar and colour to spread uniformly.

STEP 4: Now pour oil into a clean container and place on heat source. Allow the oil to be hot then add the chips. After frying and cooling, pour into a clean container and cover.

STEP 5: Next, package your plantain chips into nylon. Since you’re starting on a small scale, you can seal the open end of the nylon with stapler pin.

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To market your produced plantain chips is quite easy. You can market your chip to provision sellers or supermarkets in bulk.

In conclusion, don’t just read this wonderful 5 simple steps to producing plantain chips at home, your action is required. Plantain chip is a good business in Nigeria as we speak and venturing into it is very profitable.

Kindly drop your comments in the comment box and don’t forget to share this too.

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