How To Shape Eyebrows

Beautifying the body has always been a major concern to humans especially females; looking good is termed compulsory rather than a personal choice since no one will associate with a dirty fellow.

To achieve this, people started plaiting hair, trimming fingernails, performing facial treatment, going for dental treatment, as well as shaping eyebrows.

Shaping eyebrows could be dated back to the ancient Egyptians (about 600 years ago) when their eyebrows were shaped for the purpose of worshipping their god of protection and good health Horus.

Nowadays, eyebrow shaping has become a trend among people regardless of tribe, skin colour, and nationality.

Yet, many people find it difficult to shape their eyebrows or shape wrongly. In this article, we are going to take a look at the proper way of shaping your eyebrow.

Material Needed:

  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Procedures:
  • Find good source of lightening
  • Do not tweeze after shower/taking a bath
  • Perform pencil test to determine the shape
  • Keep natural thickness
  • Start tweezing
  • Find good source of lightening

The source of lightening is a vital aspect when shaping your eyebrow. A good source of light will prevent formation of reflection (shadow) and ensure you do not end up deforming your facial appearance.

Avoid the use of overhead light when you want to shape your eyebrow.

  • Do not tweeze after shower

Tweezing is simply plucking or pulling hair from the roots rather than shaving with a razor blade. Specially designed instrument called “tweezers” can be used to perform this to prevent scars and injuries.

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Just ensure you are not tweezing after taking a bath because when the eyebrow is wet, it will be extremely difficult to remove the hairs and might lead to facial injuries.

  • Perform pencil test to determine the shape

This is used to determine how your eyebrows will look like after being shaped and also the parts that need to be shaped.

Slide the pencil vertically on the nostril to the tip of the eyebrow (one of the tips forming the space between the eyebrows); the point the pencil touches the eyebrow marks the end point for the eyebrow arch.

Any other extension of the eyebrow should be tweezed and the procedure should be repeated for the other tip.

For the other tip (the end of the eyebrow closer to the ear) repeat the procedure by placing the pencil there and crossing it over the nostril, however, the pencil should be diagonal here.

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For the top arch measurement (top of the eyebrow), place your pencil in a horizontal direction touching the arch of the two eyebrows; the hairs that shoot up are the ones you should tweeze.

Repeat this procedure for the lower part of your eyebrows but ensure the pencil is touching the tips of the brows.

  • Keep natural thickness

To do this, brush the eyebrows up to see the actual thickness of your brows and to avoid shaping off your hairs.

  • Start tweezing (shaping aspect)

Pick up your tweezer and start pulling the root hair from the space between the eyebrows. Then, place your index finger in the space to ascertain if it is wide enough.

Re-brush and check your lower brows to see hairs that need to be tweezed; avoid over-tweezing your eyebrow arch (top part of the eyebrow).

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Tweezed carefully in a regular pattern and do not give your eyebrows a haircut.

Without much ado, you should be able to give yourself a good eyebrow shape without visiting any expert.

You might make mistakes when you start but if you are consistent and follow the above method with heart, certainly you should be able to shape that killer eyebrows which make everyone drool when you appear.

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