Nothing quite beats neat, elegant looking, manicured nails. Nail is actually one of the accessory you can flaunt with. You may want to deny it but do you know the moment you see a pair of filthy, unkempt looking nails, you aren’t going to jump at the opportunity of signing a partnership with such a person because it says something about their personality.

You may not care about that anyways but for so many people it matters. Having neat and perfectly manicured nails should be your beauty goal. Nails can be cut with nail-cutters or Clipper

However, there are variety of nail shapes you can opt for. Is it Square? Oval? Squoval? amidst others.

To the uninformed, it could be confusing but worry not! We got you covered. We got the list of the five (5) Most Common nail shapes, you can even try almost all at home without having to go for any Manicure at the Salon.

Read the complete rundown of the various nail shapes.

Types of Nail Shapes

1. Round Shaped Nails
This is probably the easiest shape to maintain. If you want something low maintenance but still want your nails to look good, this is probably the shape for you. It is also very easy to do.

Just shape them square initially, and then follow the natural curve of your finger tips.

This is the best look for those who find it difficult to grow out nails.

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Best Suited For: All types of fingers

2. Oval Shaped Nails
This is considered to be a more traditional shape. It was extremely popular in the late 1900s and early 2000s.

This nail shape gives your nails a very elegant appearance. To achieve this nail shape, file around the sides in order to get an egg-like shape. It is great for those with short fingers as it makes the fingers look longer.

Best Suited For: Short fingers.

3. Square Shaped Nails
These nails are squarely shaped at the tips. This is probably one of the most popular nail shapes.

It’s a good choice as far as nail shapes go as the risk of it breaking is less since it follows the natural width of your nails.

To get these nails, trim them, and using a nail filer, shape them straight across. Clean up the edges in case of any roughness.

Best Suited For: Long fingers with wide nail beds.

4. Squoval Shaped Nails
A variation of the square and oval, the squoval or the soft square, is another popular choice in the world of nail shapes.

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While it is easier to manage because of its rounded edges, the classiness of the square shape still remains as is.

For these nails, shape your nails in an oval as you normally would, and then shape it across the tip to square it out a little.

Best Suited For: Any type of fingers

5. Almond Shaped Nails
This one is much like the oval shape, except that it’s a little more pointed at the top. It is wide at the base and slender along the sides. Come to think of it, it takes the appearance of an actual almond.

To achieve this, find the center spot at the tip of the nail and shape both sides so that it makes a peak at the center point. Then, smoothen it out, so that there aren’t any sharp edges.

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Best Suited For: Short fingers.

Deciding Your Shape
How do you decide which nail shape is best for you? If your nail beds are wide, try a squoval shape. If they’re narrow, try a sharp square shape to widen and strengthen. If you keep short nails, a rounded shape is your best bet for low-maintenance style. If it’s more curved, try oval or rounded shapes. If it’s flat, you’re better off shaping your nails square or squoval

Have you tried any of those underlisted shapes before, how does it feel like. Share your thought with us at the Comment box

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